Early Days

I was born in the middle of a heat wave that hit the Murray River area of Victoria in November 1958. My parents, Vin and Margaret, were living on a sheep station called "Glencoe" near Barham, NSW.
When I was two years old we packed up and moved to a property at Northdown in NW Tasmania. It had been a district school during the first part of the 20th century and had one large classroom. We used to play badminton in this room untill Dad converted the whole building into a four bedroom home in the late 1960's.

I went to the local schools, Wesley Vale Primary and Latrobe High School and then worked for a transport company for a time before marrying and having three children.

Recently I had a birthday and Jim made me this collage Kerrie's collage
which we have printed at A1 size to hang on the wall. I am working on some family stories to complement the vast amount of photos I have.

My life now is filled to the brim with researching family and local history, working full-time, teaching part-time and running a small business with my partner Jim. This business allows us to combine our genealogical and online hobbies; we provide digital family history services to local, national and international clients.

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