Family of Thomas Todd Cooley & Margaret Edmondston

Listed below are the six children born to Thomas and Margaret. Between them they produced 53 known grandchildren so that is a lot of Cooleys! The familes are spread over the UK and Australia and New Zealand as far as I know at present.

Sarah Morris Cooley   1836-1904

their first child, was born in Hobart Town on 4th June 1836, just four days after her parents marriage. Sarah's name comes from her paternal grandmother who was Sarah Morris.

Sarah married David Jones and then Sidney Hadley but did not bear children to either husband. She died in Arrowtown in the South Island of New Zealand on 8th Dec 1904.

Elizabeth Allen Cooley   1837-1923

the second child was born in Hobart Town on 4th October 1837. Elizabeth's middle name comes from her maternal grandmother who was Elizabeth Allen.

She married William Barlow Jnr and had six children, the eldest was my great-grandmother. Elizabeth died in a nursing home on 10th Jul 1923, some four years after her husband.

Thomas Charles Cooley   1838-1909

was the first son and was born on 24th October 1838. He had two wives (Susannah Allwright and Augusta Chapman) who between them produced 16 children. Thomas died on 27th March 1909.

John Todd Cooley   1840-1922

Second son John was born on 26th July 1840 and died on 23rd March 1922.

He lived all his life in Hobart, married Mary Ann White and had 12 children. John was named after his paternal great grandmother Anstiss Todd.

Charles Morris Cooley   1842-1908

Third son Charles Morris was also named after his maternal grandmother Sarah Morris. Charles was born on 30 September 1842. He married Frances Jones in Launceston and had 11 children. Charles died in Hobart on 24th Feb 1908.

Martha Margaret Marion Cooley   1847-1936

The last child born to Thomas and Margaret was Martha on 10th May 1847 in Hobart. Martha married Robert Kelley and then moved to Victoria where she reared her 8 children. She died in Moonee Ponds on 1st April 1936.

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