About the Photo Galleries

The photo galleries included here are designed to show you thumbnail views on the right hand side of the page. You can scroll down through these quickly to see the entire collection of images. Click on a thumbnail to see the larger version of the image on the left of the screen. If it is too large to view all at once, use the little arrows around the picture to move it.

I have attempted to keep the file sizes of the images reduced so that they download quickly. This however means that you will not get the quality needed to print a good sized image. The images are designed for web use only.

What's in the Galleries

The Military Gallery is a collection of images of some of our family members who have served in the Armed Forces. If you have a photo and information that you believe should be included please email me: family at megroloz.com or write to PO Box 891 Devonport, Tas 7310

Please note when emailing replace the word at with @

The Family Reunion Galleries celebrate three of the Barlow/Cooley family gatherings we have enjoyed so far. They have been occasions filled with laughter, shared reminiscences, and a great deal of photography. If you have any more to share, please email me with the images.

The Gallery of the Unknowns is a collection of photos passed down through the Jones family in the area of Arrowtown in the South Island of New Zealand. The Cooley connection comes from Sarah Morris Cooley who married David Jones and became step-mother to Edward Ellis Jones. The album was loaned to Jenny Robertson who had each of the twenty images carefully scanned and then sent to Tasmania. We have positively identifed two of the images, one of them being image number 3, Charles Morris Cooley (Sarah's brother who lived in Hobart). The other is image number 19, Nance Kelley who married Rolland Angello.

The Cooley Gallery is a collection of new photos, some sent from NZ by Jenny Robertson, some provided by Cooley's Hotel and others from a scrapbook belonging to Charles Morris Barlow.

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