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As part of our small business TasGenes Digital Heritage Services, Jim and I have taught family history research and the use of digital technology within that scope. Obviously we have to do a lot of reading and researching ourselves to keep up-to-date. One way of doing this is to "surf" the Internet and also by reading magazines and books and using online forums and family history society resources.

There are a multitude of websites worth visiting for family history research, these are just a few to keep you busy. Visit our TasGenes pages for more information.

Joining a family history society is always a smart move, you will find experienced family historians there who are happy to help you and terrific resources in their libraries. In Tasmania there is the Tasmanian Family History Society with five branches around the state TFHS Inc.

Visit the Devonport Branch website by clicking here We think this one is particularly good.... because we designed it !


Malcolm Ward's page providing an excellent search strategy for Tasmanian based research. Guide to Resources for Tasmanian Research

This is a search engine dedicated to locating genealogical resources. The site is divided into eight specific groups.Genealogy Portal

An Australian gateway site providing links to many areas of interest to researchers in Australia. Cora Num's Coraweb

You can find more links and genealogical information by visiting

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