Family of William Barlow 1802 - 1883

Although William Barlow was married three times he only fathered children to his first wife Eliza Sutor as far as I know. During the time he was posted in Scotland in the Royal Artillery he met and married Eliza and they had 7 children, however the first three, all boys, died whilst still young.

William Sutor Barlow, born 29th Dec 1826 in Woolwich, Kent and died 2nd April 1828, also in Woolwich.

Robert Barlow, born 23rd Oct 1828 Gibraltar and died 13th Nov 1829 in Gibraltar

Thomas Barlow, born 15th Jan 1851 in Gibraltar and died 5th Oct 1843 in Scilly Isles. He was in care at the time as his father and siblings were back in England.
Four children survived and lived to quite grand ages.

William Barlow (1835-1919)

William Barlow Jnr

born 18 May 1835 in Woolwich, Kent, England, William was the sole surviving son. He married Elizabeth COOLEY on the 29th of July 1862 at St John's Church of England in New Town, Hobart. They had a long and prosperous marriage (57 years) until William died on 28th December 1919. He was a publican and landlord for a time of his father-in-law's pub called Cooley's Hotel in Moonah, Tas.

Margaret Barlow (1837-1909)

Margaret Barlow

The first born daughter to William and Eliza was Margaret who was born on the 4th March 1837 during the time William was the army schoolmaster in the Scilly Isles.

On the 17th June 1858 Margaret married a saddle maker called James Wiseman. They lived for a short time in Bothwell, Central Tasmania where James had a business.

The Bothwell Historical Society have a beautifully preserved invoice which reads:

J Wiseman,Saddle Harness & Collar Maker, Bothwell

6 July 1859 Invoice for goods Paid for 14 July

Signed Personal Payment James Wiseman

Margaret and her husband and young son John moved to Dunedin in New Zealand where they went on to have another twelve children. I have a fantastic family portrait of the entire family taken in 1885. The Wiseman family story has been written and is a most interesting tale in itself. A reference to the business James established is given in the Cyclopedia of NZ and in this blog.

Mary Howarth Barlow (1839-1912)

Mary Howarth Barlow

Exactly two years after Margaret's birth another daughter arrived in the Scilly Isles. Mary was named after her paternal grandmother Mary Howarth. She travelled with her father and siblings from England to New Zealand and then on to Tasmania where she died on 4th June 1912 in the Hobart Homeopathic Hospital.
It seems Mary must have lived with or near her father and step-mother as her death notice in "The Mercury" Thursday 6th June 1912 reports:

On June 4th 1912 at Hobart, BARLOW Mary Howarth, in her 73rd year, formerly of Swansea, East Coast.

Elizabeth Sutor Barlow (1841-1921)

Elizabeth Sutor Barlow

Elizabeth was born on 28th September 1841 and was named after her mother and maternal grandmother Margaret Sutor. Sadly, her mother Eliza died just a week later and was buried in the Scilly Isles. Little Elizabeth moved around with her father, siblings and step mother, travelling to New Zealand and then back to England after she married a solder called William Geal. I have made contact with descendants of Elizabeth and have gathered substantial information which I will place here.

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