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After 30 years of research and a few attempts at putting some stories together, I am happy to present my updated website. As we know, family history research is an on-going task; I don't think I will ever finish it, but then why would I want to when it is something that I really enjoy?

The image shown on these pages is that of my grandmother Irene Elsie Towns taken just before her marriage to Alf Blyth in 1912. Her mother Emily Mary Towns (nee Dunne) is pictured in the centre and Elsie's elder sister Annie May Lewis (nee Towns) on the right.

These pages are my way of presenting the lives of my ancestors and their families. I love to focus on the social lives and the historical periods that my ancestors lived in. I have many photos, post cards, diaries, books and belongings and I treasure them all.

Many family and friends have helped me along the way. Sadly some of them are no longer with us but I think of them often and know that without their help this information would not have been so easy to come by.

What's Here

The family names listed in the menu above are those for which I have done some research. In some cases I have accumulated a great deal of information, e.g Blyth, Barlow and Cooley families, but for others such as Ewart and Corkery, I still have work to do! I will keep adding to the pages as time permits, so please come back and visit again.

On my father Vince Blyth's side, I have BLYTH, CORKERY, DUNNE, MURPHY & TOWNS.

On my mother Margaret Ewart's side, I have ABERDEEN, BARLOW, COOLEY, COOPER, EWART, MCAULIFFE & SUTOR.

I have enjoyed putting together the photo galleries, you can read more about them from the Galleries link.

What's to Come

More letters, photos, stories and news from newly discovered relatives I hope! Please contact me if you think you might want to share some information on any of the families mentioned in my pages.

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